Johannesburg Development Assessment Centre
Johannesburg Developmental Assessment Centre (JDAC) was established by two Psychologists who identified a need for more specialised assessment services for children and young adults. After gaining experience in different areas they decided to come together to use this shared knowledge to benefit their clients.

Both Juli and Meagan are trained to assess and work with children of all ages as well as parents and caregivers. They are very passionate about what they do and value the importance of working with each client as an individual.

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Julianne Yates, Counselling Psychologist
Julianne Yates
BsocSci Psych (UCT); BA Hons Psych (WITS); MA Couns. Psych. (WITS)
Juli is a registered Counselling Psychologist who is passionate about psychological assessments and enjoys working with both children and adults. Her areas of interest include psycho-educational assessment, career assessment as well as study skills training. She is also trained in the Griffiths Developmental Scales. In addition to her private work, Juli has a keen interest in promoting community development and social wellbeing.

Julianne Yates, Counselling Psychologist
Reabetsoe Buys
BSc Psych Hons (University of London); BSc Hons (UNISA); MA Couns Psych (Rhodes University)
Reabetsoe is a registered Counselling Psychologist who enjoys working in the psychodynamic framework with both children and adults. Her areas of interest include play therapy, art therapy and parental guidance. She also enjoys supporting individuals who have gone through challenging life stressors and require psycho-education and practical support in coping.

Julianne Yates, Counselling Psychologist
Kimanta Moodley
BA Psych (Wits); BA Hons SASL (Wits); BA Hons Psych (Wits); MEd Educational Psych (Wits)
Kimanta is a registered Educational Psychologist who provides both play therapy and assessment services. She has an M.Ed in Educational Psychology, BA Hons in Psychology, BA Hons in South African Sign Language and BA Undergraduate Degree in Psychology and South African Sign Language. All of her studies were completed through the University of the Witwatersrand. She has a background in Psychology and Deaf Studies and it is her hope to be able to bridge the gap between the two fields one day. She is passionate about working with children and helping them to think though their difficulties in a different way.

Julianne Yates, Counselling Psychologist
Gabriela Völkel
BA Speech and Hearing Therapy (Wits); BEd Hons Educational Psychology (Wits); MEd Educational Psychology (Wits)
Gabriela is a registered Educational Psychologist who has a passion for working with children and families, generally within a psychodynamic framework. She enjoys both psycho-educational assessments and play therapy, and has a keen interest in working with under-resourced communities. Gabriela has a Speech Therapy and Audiology background, and experience in working in the government sector and schools, and in multidisciplinary teams.

Julianne Yates, Counselling Psychologist
Sable Leicher
BA (Wits), BA Psych Hons (Wits), M.Ed - Educational Psychology (Wits)
Sable is a registered Educational Psychologist. Her passion is helping children build a foundation for emotional literacy and healthy social relationships. She advocates for using a combination of methods, tailored to a family's unique needs, in order to promote healthy social and emotional development.


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